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Featured Tausug: Engr. Kagim Jajurie

Engr. Kagim Halim Jajurie known to many tausugs as KJ, was born on August 2, 1936 in Alat , Jolo Sulu to the late Mohammad Jajurie and Nannang Halim-Jajurie, He is the fifth in a brood of ten children.


He earned the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in 1960 from  the Mapua Institute of Technology in Manila as a full scholar of the Commission on National Integration (CNI) and passed the Board Examination for Civil Engineering on the same year.


In 1962, in addition to being an instructor in mathematics at FEATI University, he went on to take advance courses in SEATO Graduate School of Engineering Special Program where he obtained his Postgraduate course on Statically Intermediate Structure in 1963.


KJ is happily married to Fatima Centi-Jajurie whom he married in Zamboanga City in 1967. They are blessed with four children; Nailah, Mohammad, Mujahid and Nahid.                              



from left to right: Mujahid, Nailah, Nahid and Mohammad


While employed here and abroad, he participated in many workshops and seminars to broaden his knowledge and supplement his experience in the latest engineering technology.


In 1964, Engr Kagim Jajurie accepted the challenge to work in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He started with a private company Wilson Murrow Inc. and stayed there for three  (3) years.  He then entered the government service by working in the Ministry of Communication as a Highway Engineer for 3 whole decades. His accomplishment as designer and builder went beyond the expectations of everyone, which he earned thru excellent performance and which was rewarded with numerous Awards and Plaques of Appreciations.


On September 2, 1996, after the GRP-MNLF Final Peace Agreement was signed, ending over two decades of conflict in Mindanao, he tendered his resignation as highway engineer of the Saudi Ministry of Communications, a position of prestige he held for thirty  (33) years.


He sacrificed his comfortable life and well paying job in Saudi Arabia to return to the Philippines to assume the position of ARMM DPWH Secretary and spearhead socio-economic development under the provisions of the peace agreement.


His focus widened from merely exercising his profession to concern over the neglected and underdeveloped rural areas of his homeland that resulted in acute poverty of many Bangsamoro communities. He held the position of ARMM DPWH Secretary from 1996 to 1999; Assistant Regional Cabinet Secretary and Concurrent Executive Director of the Special Program Management Office; the Salam Bridge Project and was also the Technical Consultant of the special program management office of the Tulay ng Pangulo sa Barangay Projects. After his service in the ARMM, KJ continued his career as a project director of the President’s bridge program, Tulay ng Pangulo sa SZOPAD/Mindanao till 2005 and became a technical adviser for the President’s bridge program from 2005 till 2008.


Notable among the many achievements of Engr. Kagim Jajurie. are the 50,000 kilometer highways and bridges all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the construction of the 526 bridges in Mindanao which is serving the people in rural areas. All these gained for him numerous awards and recognitions. To mention one, KJ was named Model OFW Family of the Year Award (MOFYA ��) which was awarded to him on November 29, 2006.



At the age of 72 and already past his retirement age, Engr. Kagim Jajurie continues to help out the Bangsamoro people. At present, he holds the position of CEO and President of the Mindanao Bangsamoro Development & Research Foundation, Inc. that has recently constructed Kandang Maw-Ag Muslim Cemetery which is located 11 kilometres away from the city proper of Zamboanga. The proposed project will develop a modest type public cemetery to serve the public that can afford to pay for the services rendered by the project proponent but there will be NO PAYMENT OF LOT. The project shall be provided with road network, walk paths, drainage system, water, light facilities and other needs.

below are pictures of the  Kandang Maw-Ag Muslim Cemetery in Guisao, Zamboanga City.

During our visit to Engr. Kagim Jajurie’s residence in Manila, we were able to ask him one very important question that summed up all the questions that we wanted to ask. The question goes ‘among all the bridges and highways that you were involved in constructing, like the roads in Makkah that will benefit almost all the Muslims all over the world, the bridges in Mindanao that will last for one hundred years and will serve three to four generations to come, could you name us one that you’re most proud of?

KJ smiled and with pride answered, I am proud of all the achievements that I did… but I am most proud of the bridges and highways that were built here because they were meant to serve our fellow people in Mindanao.   





  taken during Our Visit to Engr. Kagim Jajurie's residence in Manila


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During Engr. Kagim's wedding


pictures with his Family & Friends


Plaques, recognitions and achievements of Engr. Kagim Jajurie

pictures of some of the Roads and Bridges contructed in Mindanao 

pictures of some of the Roads and Bridges contructed in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia