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Zoher Hussin
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We help you grow your money to help you achieve your dreams.

Many Filipinos believe that putting their money in bank deposits is the best way to grow their money and keep it safe. The reality is, savings and time deposits are earning 2.75% or less1 annually. With inflation currently at 3.6%2, the purchasing power of your money will diminish over time. Further, if you don’t invest in the right long-term financial products to match your long-term financial goals, then you may not maximize the growth potential of your money.

As your partner in financial management, Philam Life would like to offer you a better option to make your money grow.

"sana magka-bahay na kame ng asawa ko"

"sana mapag-doktor ko anak ko"

"sana I can start up my own business na"

DREAMS WON'T COME TRUE JUST BY WISHING. You have to start planning. That's where we at philam life can help.

for more information/ details pls. contact

Zoher Hussin

Philam Life Financial Advisor




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Zoher Hussin
Posts: 2

here's some videos just to give you an idea. 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z23IFxUR3cI -family secure

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1n5KL6Agnk - money tree

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