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REALITY CHECK FOR EVERYONE (to avoid small and hidden polytheist shirkul asgar wa shirkul khafi):

First there was God (who is uncreated, but existing), and then there were Universe and the World (whom were created by the creator), there were Angels, then there were Jinns (spiritual beings) and then there was Iblees (Satan), there were Organism, Plants and Animals, and lastly, Man (Adam and Eve), (whom all of these were created by the Creator).

God, Universe and Earth, Angels, Jinns and Iblees, Organism, Plants, Animals and Man were called the "10th Beings" and they influences each and everyone to form a reality of themselves, except God, who doesn't need the rest just to form His own reality, however, for us man who identify himself first than God as the real source is therefore shirk asgar wal shirk khafi..

Question: If God is alone The Real and The Truth, then what are we and the rest, are we also Real in our own ways or a borrowed from God?,

How would that be?

May be these verses has the clue:

"and He is Allah who created the heavens and the earth in six days, and is firmly established on the throne..."(Al-A-araf - 54)

Note: know what are the 6th days to be able to find what is the Throne which is the truth.

"we send down our signs in the farthest region of the universe and in your selves, until it will manifest unto you that is my truth" (Al-Fussilat - 53)

Note: know the signs+farthest region+yourselves=truth, if you find the truth you will find the throne, and these will prevent you from Annaniya or Iness or Egoist or Pagpangako or Pagtakabbul.

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