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The Bangsa Moro Republik is the name of the country to which we as a people belong. I quoute.

The question for some, can we find its geographical location in the world map? The country that we are about to illustrate here it has a territory with a reconized border? it has a  sovereingnty to defend its land the people?

For those who have a question and doubt in mind, I may ask  you to please pay attention and be comfortable to what I will be able to reason out here in this piece.


That was a dream, a dream that flourishes in the longing of a group of young men, a young Moro youth to be exact who become our elders and leaders of today. History, way back, before the discovery of the Philippines, we the Muslim in Mindanao and in the Sulu archiphelago has its own set of government, trade and treaty with other countries as far as China in particular. It is not my intention to writer entirely the Muslim history in Mindanao, right here in this page. In a brief, in 1899, Spain sold the Philipines to the U.S.A. who attempted to forcibly incorporate the Muslim areas into the Philippine state.


The american colonizers eventually took over the southern region with force.

For one, history has written for the battle of Bud Bagsak in Parang, Sulu ( June 11-15, 1913), where the four-day battle results to around 340 children, 196 women, all in all more than 2,000 Moros Killed.


We, the Bangsa Moro were sovereign even before the discovery of the Philippines,those people in the north who allows themselves to be used as puppets were colonizers too and not right, in anyway, to govern us.


Remember the land-grabbing, the land titling system in the early seventies, legal and otherwise, became rampant. The settlers from Luzon became conscious to grab political power. They organized and armed an extremist group, the Ilaga, to protect their interest, namely, to acquire more land and grap power. The Muslim becomes workers on their historically owned land.


How many families have been displaced, the abysmal poverty had been experienced by the Moros. By time and of defending the land, groups after groups and fronts after fronts has fallen one after the other. Have we held them say enought and accept defeat? I haven't. No they didn't. Till this very day never been shaken and never will.


Have we ever notice that every freedom fighters are killed, facing un-equal fire power, why many other come forward and swell their ranks? There is no other reason than, because our rights for this dreamt Republik are drifted within our blood from gererations to generations, till victory.


There is nothing can win the heart and mind of the Moros, than for them to have their homeland back and establish there own set governance, politics and economic system, etc.


To answers those question it depends upon us Muslim (in Mindanao), on how best, each and everyone have had construe history, long way back till this present time.

For me, I pledge to contribute, seek and act by all means in my capacity to realize those dreams would one day, in generations to come that our sons and daughters will march down the road to victory. Establish the location, borders, sovereignty and celebrate the birth of a country, Inshallah! The BANGSA MORO REPUBLIK.



Let's break free all from the oppression, celebrating with you all the spirit of Freedom

On the 41ist Bangsa Moro Freedom Day.

March 19, 2009 at 6:39 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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salam ..... support MOA-AD this is the key to our freedom .....

April 18, 2009 at 11:44 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Salam, I Support & Proud to be a Moros..

August 17, 2009 at 10:13 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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Salam magsukol tuud ha info, Eid mubarak

September 21, 2009 at 11:27 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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