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(Addressed to the Filipinos of Luzon, Visayas, and even Mindanao who
do not know and do not care to know because they think they already
know. What a pity.)

I am a Moro. I was born that way. I have Moro blood, Moro flesh, and
Moro heritage. It is not wrong to be this way. I am different from
you. I do not need to be judged or looked down upon. I do not need to
be converted to the ways and beliefs of the mainstream majority. I do
not need to follow your ways, because I do not want to. What I need
and what all of those who are like me need is your understanding and
your respect for our differences.

We have not started this conflict in any way. And yet you scorn us
and attack us. Perhaps it is because you have read our history from
the eyes and the pens of your historians. Our history is older, much
older than yours. And if you could only see it through our own eyes,
you would understand. But you do not, and perhaps you never will.

Before your nation was born, we already had our own sovereignty in
Mindanao. We had lived peacefully with honor, prosperity and dignity
and we had lived in peaceful coexistence with others of different
cultures and beliefs within this land. This was before the Spaniards
came to colonize you. This was before the Spaniards sold you – and us
too, though without our knowledge and consent – to the Americans.

When your people finally gained your independence from the Americans,
we had already been doubtful that you would treat us and our ways
with respect. Because for over three hundred years, the colonizers
had not only converted you to their faith and their western ways,
they had also used you as shock troops against us. Where before their
arrival, we had shared relations of amity and commerce and perhaps
some history as well, now after over three hundred years of fighting
one another, you with all your hate and enmity against my people had
been given the opportunity to govern us against our will.

And what have you done since that independence? You continued what
the colonizers had done to us. You claim us to be part of your
citizenry, yet you mock our ways, thinking our ways are backward and
wrong and that yours are right. You forced us to follow your laws.
You treated us as second class citizens. Even as savages. You claimed
your prize for the three hundred years of servitude as shock troops
of your colonizers and, through your laws, divested us of our
ancestral lands. And when we became fed up and our braver brethren
took up arms to make our point, you were contemptuous and assaulted
us at every opportunity given to you. You knew that if you could
force us to surrender, you could take all the natural riches
underneath our ancestral lands for your own, in addition to the lands
you have already taken away from us, either by force, deceit, or
stealth. Because you have already needlessly wasted and squandered
what little resources your lands have had before.

You are up in arms when only one of you is injured or killed by one
of us. It is sensationalized on television. Yet you remain silent
after millions of us have been displaced, tens of thousands left
dying of disease and hunger, and hundreds killed by your army, your
police and your vigilantees. We are lucky if we find an article about
this on the last page of one of your little known tabloids. You have
harmed our old folk, our women, and our children. You have not only
marginalized us, you have also disenfranchised us and displaced us,
socially, politically, culturally and economically. You have made us
poor and weak. All this because we are different.

What we do is no different from what you do. We talk and laugh. We
complain about work. We bleed when we are injured. And we wonder
about growing old. We talk about our families and we worry about the
future. And we cry with each other when things seem hopeless. All of
the things you do with each other, that is also what we do. And for
that we are called deviants, criminals, secessionists, even
terrorists, and then are made to suffer.

What right do you have to make us suffer like this? What right do you
have to change us? What makes you think you can dictate how we live
our lives?

I and my people desire no rancor against you or anyone. We only
aspire to live in peace, dignity, honor, and prosperity within our
homeland - The Bangsamoro Homeland – or what little remains of it we
can genuinely reclaim from you, anyway. We only seek to regain the
things that your people and your governments, past and present, have
taken away from us. We only seek to enjoy our right to self-
determination and to live our way of life according to our beliefs,
not according to yours. That is our rightful due.

You are the stronger "other". If you wish to talk of peace, look
through the lense of justice and of our history. If you wish to talk
of peace, do not play double-talk, semantics, or word calisthenics.
And if you wish to talk of peace, do not hold a sword behind your
back. That simply will not do. We were not born yesterday.

I am a Moro. And I am proud to be a Moro. Deal with it, or leave me


January 13, 2009 at 8:10 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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Im very much like and agreed for what you have write here.  Thats all very true. My uncles from my mother's side is a MORO too.  But there are getting old now.  The Family of Aral never surrender...im proud of them! And proud with you too...

January 14, 2009 at 1:27 AM Flag Quote & Reply

knowledge seeker
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I prefer to be called as tausug than a moro. the word moro, it implies a negative meaning and approach. Those who labeled us as such, because of our bad behavior and bad mentality. I'm Tausug and tausug is only part of moro.

January 30, 2009 at 6:29 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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salam taymanghud ku kalasahan....malingkat mga na sulat mu yan.ha topic hdja bya na hansul na in pangatayan ku........bang mga magaan in baran mu sud kaw pa website sin www.morocanz.webs.com yan duun in mga pamikil bya sin pamikil mu wasalam

February 21, 2009 at 5:27 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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salam taymanghud kakasi....subay byah kaymu in mahinang nakurah...n subay ta pag anggawtaan sin baran iban artah...maassalam..

March 6, 2009 at 3:56 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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A well explain identity, the bravest forward moving insight, the real battle at this DOT COM AGE. A good piece, CONGRATULATION!

Agree, those people don't want to know the history and never will.

Instead, their politics, policy and their actions were aims to divide us and trying hard to divide us even further.

Let's move forward and not turn deaf into this reality.

As a MORO, we have all what it takes. Let us call for solidarity once and for all.

As long as we are willing to go the extra mile and never change course. INSHA ALLAH! DUMAUG KITANIYU.

March 7, 2009 at 6:52 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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We muslim filipino need an international recognition about our small community in the Philippines. As far as i know, MORO is one that exist which is directly describing filipino muslim in the Philippines specially in the south. I've also heard rumors that the word "MORO" is actually taken from the word "MOROCCON" which is the spanish titled to us muslim filipino in the Philippines. Anway, bang awon mas malingkat pa terms ikabutang nato much better...just suggest.

June 23, 2009 at 1:18 AM Flag Quote & Reply

hj. nash
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salaam Bro eid'l fit'r mubarak to in your family, im very proud ot you toe express this feelings to individuals moro's. im tausug what is better to our land let's fight till the drop of our blood inshaallah.. you're brave Bro.. wasallam

September 19, 2009 at 5:02 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Salam bro nice post, Eid mubarak


September 21, 2009 at 11:22 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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